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About Laser Rejuvenation

The mission of Laser Rejuvenation is to make Laser-IPL treatment affordable to all, through innovative technology and applications.

Laser Rejuvenation use an Intense Pulsed Light system. Unlike standard IPL systems, it uses a novel pulse system that ensures absolutely distinct pulses with the ability to provide a number of separate sequences of light pulsing within what appears to the eye as a single flash.

This has been termed APL (accumulative pulsed light) and enables more energy to be delivered to the skin with less chance of skin damage.

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Laser Treatments...

Laser Rejuvenation’s Laser-IPL offers quick, effective and long term results. All treatments are supported by over 18,000 recorded dermatological photographs and testimonials recorded by Dr. Cartier, President of the French Dermatological Society.

Laser IPL skin treatments include:

Please note: individual results may vary.

Facial rejuvenation, rosacea & thread vein removal, and reduce age spots
in Bedford, Jersey, Welwyn and Stevenage